3 Reasons Using PRP Therapy to Revitalize Your Skin Is a Great Idea

3 Reasons Using PRP Therapy to Revitalize Your Skin Is a Great Idea

If you do an internet search for “anti-aging skin care,” you’re rewarded with more than 230 million results in the blink of an eye. To say there’s no shortage of products and services that promise to turn back the hands of time is an understatement. But how many can say that they tap your body’s own amazing resources to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out?

At EGO, we pride ourselves on offering the most effective, science-based cosmetic techniques available to help clients in Modesto, California, look their best at any age. One of the therapies we’re most excited about is the use of your own platelets to help revitalize your skin through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Here are three reasons why PRP therapy should be part of your anti-aging toolkit.

1. Calling all cells

As you get older, your skin cells don’t regenerate quickly enough to keep up with the mounting damage in your skin. The years of sun exposure and everything else the world throws at you begin to take their toll on your body’s first line of defense — your skin. And this is especially true when it comes to your face, which is one of the most exposed areas of skin on your body.

To give your cells a boost, we look to your platelets, the component in your blood best known for clotting. Many people don’t know that platelets also carry many growth factors or proteins, which are critical to the healing process.

These growth factors arrive on the scene and call for reinforcements, helping your body rebuild cells. With PRP therapy, we isolate and redirect your platelets to where you’d like a little more support.

2. Can’t argue with Mother Nature

How we deliver your PRP therapy is the second piece of the puzzle. Your body’s production of collagen and elastin — the two proteins responsible for the elasticity and tone in your skin — naturally begin to wane starting in your 30s. By the time you hit your 40s and 50s, this decline can become evident as your skin begins to sag and wrinkle without this valuable support system. This drop in collagen and elastin is especially pronounced for women as they make their way through menopause.

When we administer your PRP therapy, we do so with a technique called micro-needling. We create a matrix of tiny microchannels in your skin that elicit a mild healing response in your body — and collagen leads the charge. At the same time, your body produces more collagen and elastin to shore up these micro-injuries, the entire surface area of your skin benefits from a strengthened support system.

And when we introduce your platelets during this procedure, it’s all hands on deck as your skin rebuilds itself on a cellular level.

3. There’s no place like home

One of the biggest benefits of PRP therapy, outside of its effectiveness, is that we use your own blood, which means your body readily accepts the redirection of its own resources. Rather than introducing a foreign substance, which your body could reject or respond to more slowly, your platelets are right at home and go straight to work.

If you want to revitalize your skin with your own resources, schedule an appointment online or give us a call to set up your PRP therapy appointment.

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