Benefits of Prolotherapy

Your joints and ligaments play a tremendous role in your ability to move normally and function well. When you have an injury in these areas, symptoms such as pain, swelling, and stiffness can wreak havoc on your life. If you’re one of the millions of people each year who know this firsthand, you may want to consider prolotherapy

At EGO in Modesto, California, our expert team is pleased to provide this nonsurgical treatment, which works with your body’s natural healing processes to expedite your recovery. Read on to learn more about prolotherapy, including benefits our patients appreciate.

Prolotherapy basics

Prolotherapy is a gentle, minimally-invasive treatment that takes place during a short office visit. During your treatment, your provider injects a natural irritant into the soft tissue of an injured joint. This irritant stimulates your body’s natural healing response. By doing so, it aims to help repair damaged ligaments in the joint for enhanced healing in your hips, knees, shoulders, or other joints. 

Benefits of prolotherapy

While research about its effectiveness is limited, prolotherapy has been around since the early 1900s and we find that it can bring about a range of important benefits, such as:

Some of the common conditions we treat using prolotherapy include:

Many people who opt for prolotherapy also appreciate that it’s nonsurgical and can potentially help you avoid or reduce the need for anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications. And so far, prolotherapy is generally considered safe for good candidates, with only minimal risks for side effects. When side effects such as pain or swelling at the injection site do occur, they tend to resolve on their own before long.

Good candidates for prolotherapy

If you’re bothered by joint pain, stiffness, or inflammation because of a ligament or tendon injury or degenerative arthritis, you may be a good candidate for prolotherapy. Ideal candidates are also in good overall health and have maintained about 75% of their normal range of motion. If your injury is especially severe, you may fare best by starting with other treatments and adding prolotherapy after those treatments have helped to an extent. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for prolotherapy or get started with the joint or ligament care you need, call our office or request an appointment through our website. We would love to help you find your way back to less pain and a more fulfilling daily life.

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