Get Fuller, Darker Lashes with Latisse®

Get Fuller, Darker Lashes with Latisse®

Most women want longer, fuller, or darker eyelashes. They turn to mascara and eyelash extensions, but that all too often ends in damage to their natural lashes or harm to their eyes. 

In fact, eyelash extensions can increase your risk for eye disorders. In a 2012 study, researchers found that the type of glue used to place extensions on natural lashes can cause dry eye disease and allergic reactions, even in women with no history of eye disorders. 

Similarly, using old mascara puts you at risk for eyelash damage, eye infections, and more. 

Our team at Ego wants to give you a different way to get your dream lashes. That’s why we offer Latisse® lash serum at our office in Modesto, California. 

This serum encourages your natural eyelashes to grow thicker and longer, all without exposing your eyes to potentially dangerous ingredients. To help you decide if Latisse is right for you, we put together this quick guide. 

Latisse vs. other eyelash serums

Plenty of eyelash serums are available today, and they all make bold claims. The difference is that Latisse is backed by clinical research and is FDA-approved. In fact, only a medical professional can prescribe this serum for your lashes.

Researchers still aren’t fully sure how Latisse works, but studies indicate that bimatoprost — the generic name for Latisse — prolongs the hair growth cycle of eyelashes, helping you grow longer, fuller lashes.  

Latisse can also encourage new hair growth, so many doctors recommend it as treatment for their patients who suffer from sporadic hair growth or those who have lost their eyelashes because of invasive treatments. 

Generally, you should keep Latisse away from your eyes. That said, if an accident happens, the serum won’t negatively impact the health of your eyes, unlike a lot of other eyelash products. Bimatoprost was,in fact, initially used as an eye drop for glaucoma patients. 

Using Latisse to get your dream lashes

To help yourself grow thicker, darker eyelashes, apply Latisse on your upper lashes with a sterile applicator every night before going to bed. Don’t apply Latisse to your lower lashes or allow the serum drip onto your face since it can stimulate hair growth in unwanted places.

If you continue using Latisse daily, you should notice your full results within about three months. At that point, you might need less mascara — or no mascara at all. 

Use the Latisse dosage our team recommends. Increasing the dose won’t speed up eyelash growth and may lead to irritation. 

If you stop using the serum after your eyelashes become longer and thicker, your lashes will go back to their original length in four to six months. 

Are you ready to get fuller, darker lashes? If so, call our office, or schedule your appointment online today to get started with Latisse. 

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