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Let Us Help You Reach Your Goal Weight With HCG

Some three-quarters of all adults in the U.S. are overweight, according to the CDC — and of that total, more than half are obese. Carrying excess weight is not just an issue of appearance either. It takes a hefty toll on both your physical and mental well-being.

At Ego medical spa in Modesto, California, our medical professionals offer a comprehensive weight-loss program centered on the HCG diet. Here’s how the HCG diet works.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone made by a woman’s body when she becomes pregnant. HCG levels rise soon after conception, helping the placenta grow and provide nourishment for the developing fetus. Because HCG levels rise so quickly after conception, over-the-counter pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy by checking for HCG levels in a woman’s urine.

Although HCG is produced during pregnancy, the HCG diet can be used in men and women. Since HCG combines both a low-calorie diet and injections of the HCG hormone, it’s essential to use a healthcare provider with lots of experience with the HCG diet to ensure you get the best results.

HCG and weight loss

When you're on the HCG diet, you’ll eat fewer calories than you usually do, and it’s true — that step alone can help you lose weight. But the problem is that eating fewer calories can leave you feeling hungry, and it can also make you more likely to overeat and even binge. Over time, multiple failed attempts can make you give up dieting altogether.

With the HCG diet, injections of the HCG hormone can help you feel less hungry. That means that even though you’ll be consuming significantly fewer calories than you may typically consume in a day, you won’t feel uncomfortable and you won’t feel tempted to binge.

Reducing hunger pangs is just one way HCG works to help you lose weight. HCG injections can also help your body balance its overall hormone production naturally. Many people don’t know that hormone imbalance is a significant cause of weight gain in both women and men. HCG helps stabilize your hormone levels, which can improve your overall metabolism (the way your body burns calories) as well. When your metabolism is optimized, your body becomes a fat-burning machine, capable of using calories more quickly and efficiently for faster weight loss.

Another benefit: When your hormone levels are stable, you’re at less risk of losing muscle mass when you drop those pounds. That’s important because muscles help define your body so you look more fit and toned, and they also burn more calories than fatty tissue, which means you can lose weight faster and maintain that weight loss for the long term.

Is the HCG diet right for you?

We have helped countless patients achieve and maintain their ideal weight with our supervised HCG diet. To learn whether you’re a candidate, book a consultation. Either give us a call at 209-226-4332 or use our online scheduling tool.

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