What Every Woman Should Know About the Female Orgasm

There is a lot of misinformation out there about women’s sexual health. Unfortunately, this can leave many women feeling unfulfilled or struggling on their own with sexual dysfunction — a problem that affects 30-50% of women at some point during their lifetime.

Our compassionate team at Ego in Modesto, California, believes that the secret to maximizing one’s sense of self lies in addressing the entire person. That’s why we offer numerous services that help you look and feel your best on the inside and out, including therapies to help improve your sexual health.

In this blog, we want to offer insight into the female orgasm and how we can help if you have sexual dysfunction.

Female orgasm basics

To start, it helps to define the term “orgasm.” This moment describes the peak — or climax — of sexual excitement. It typically includes powerful sensations, including physical pleasure and the release of built-up erotic tension.

Researchers believe there are up to 12 different types of female orgasm. That’s because women can orgasm through different types of stimulation, such as clitoral, vaginal, and anal. Some women can even orgasm in response to other parts of their body being stimulated or without any touch at all.

While women can experience orgasms in numerous ways, achieving them can still be difficult, and only about 25% of women climax every time they have sex with a partner.  

How female orgasms work

When it comes to reaching an orgasm, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to achieve success. However, the process does include four important physical stages.

1. Excitement

During this stage, desire or arousal begins in response to some form of stimulus. Blood flow increases to your vagina, clitoris, and nipples. Your heart rate and blood pressure also increase, and your body releases hormones and neurotransmitters like testosterone, dopamine, and serotonin.

2. Plateau 

As sexual tension builds in your body, your heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration continue to rise. At the same time, the outer third of your vagina continues filling with blood, creating the “orgasmic platform.” 

3. Orgasm

At this point, you reach the peak of sexual climax, sending a series of contractions through your vagina, uterus, and pelvic floor muscles. In response to this release, warmth often spreads from your pelvis throughout your body.

4. Resolution

In this stage, your body relaxes, blood flows away from your sexual organs, and your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing go back to normal.

An estimated 25% of American women experience problems orgasming. These challenges can become even more pronounced with age, especially after menopause. Unfortunately, ignoring aspects of your sexual health can lead to even more problems, including anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

When female orgasms become elusive

Now for the good news: There are solutions! 

If you’re having problems with your sex drive, painful intercourse, or difficulty orgasming, one simple solution is the O-Shot®. This regenerative medicine therapy helps improve your vaginal health by triggering the healing process in your body.

During an O-Shot treatment, we draw a small sample of your blood and concentrate the healing elements it contains, including platelets and growth factors. These substances play a key role in healing your body on a cellular level. 

After preparing your sample, we inject small amounts into precise locations inside and around your vagina and clitoris. This process may sound uncomfortable, but we apply a topical anesthetic first so you don’t feel a thing. It also comes with minimal downtime, and you can start having sex within about four hours of your injection.

Within days of your treatment, healthy new cells start returning to your vaginal tissue. As this happens, you can expect better sensation in the area, which increases arousal and stronger orgasms. These results can last 18 months or longer, but we could recommend a series of treatments to guarantee the best results.

If you struggle to climax or have noticed changes in your sexual health, don’t wait to get help. Contact our office by calling 209-226-4273 or request a consultation online today.

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