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Liset Garcia Consciousness Coach

Meet Liset Garcia, The Consciousness Coach

Liset Garcia is a Reiki & Theta Master and has studied these practices for over 20 years. After becoming certified in massage therapy in 2001, Liset studied in Germany to learn about candida, the lymphatic system, GI massage, and pressure points that align the body. In 2002 she traveled to Idaho and Montana to study under Vianna Stable where she became a Theta practitioner. Liset then used her knowledge of Reiki & Theta to enhance her natural intuitive abilities and skill as a massage therapist. In 2011, she was recognized by Stanislaus State University where she spoke on healing the body through Reiki and massage. In 2018 Liset completed an apprenticeship that fine tuned her Reiki and Theta healing practices with her intuitive abilities as a practitioner. All of her skills combined sets her apart in her healing approach. Today, Liset is well versed in aligning the body while helping to unlock and release traumas. 

REiki with Liset

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a form of energy work and is all about balance of the mind, body and spirit. It is a safe, non-invasive technique that can be used to treat physical, mental and emotional imbalances in the body. Reiki is not just for physical illness, or mental and emotional stress, but also promotes personal growth and self empowerment, enhancing creativity and quality of life.

There are many ways that an individual can benefit from Reiki at any age. It is important to note that Reiki does not target one particular problem within the body but rather targets everything at once. Energy transfer is the most powerful tool in healing in this way as it heals all related elements of a particular condition.

A Reiki session is typically for 1 hour and costs $150 per session. 

What is Theta Healing? 

Theta Healing allows us to access the subconscious, dig out the negative belief systems that we have adapted, link them with behaviors and needs, and discover the lessons learned in the process. We can also clear negative energies and rewire beliefs on the core, history, genetic and soul levels.

How Does Mindest Affect Your Health?

Mindset dictates our personality. It influences not only how we think but also how we feel. Mindset directly affects how well we can adapt to change and handle experiences of life.

Mindset reinforces how we talk to and about ourselves. A negative mindset can lead to thinking of one's self as a failure, thinking of one's self as a victim as if the world is against you. It also reinforces and justifies our failures which closes opportunities for love, trust, and success.

A positive mindset reinforces pathways of confidence, self awareness, opportunities, strategies, the ability to improve health and can help decrease stress.

What Can I Expect from Consciousness Coaching? 

Consciousness coaching will help pinpoint limiting beliefs that may be preventing your state of consciousness to adapt to and handle experiences of life. It will help you to realize that the world around you is a direct mirror of what is going within you. I will help you to define a clear sense of who you are, therefore helping you program the mind and your emotional state. We will uncover your true nature and I will help teach you how to fully accept you. This will allow you to transform into a magnet that will attract all of your positive manifestations 

Who Is a Candidate? 

Anyone who is willing to put in the work to improve their quality of life. 

Can we change? 

As we grow and develop we are exposed to situations, people, places and we develop a mentality and a structure or "program" as to how the world operates and works. As we experience life we also develop a sense of how we feel about ourselves and our ability to perform and succeed.

We believe our brains are malleable and we can choose to perpetuate the same cycles we were taught or we can re-program how we view ourselves and the world. You have the power to manifest a completely different life than you are living right now. We are here to show you how. We are here to let you know you are not alone.

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