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Lip Fillers


Lip filler at Ego beauty

Thin lips can make you look older and might give your face an unpleasant resting expression. Lip filler injections can restore volume, smooth wrinkles, and beautify your lips, so they look full, soft, and youthful. The experienced team at Ego uses the highest quality fillers to enhance and rejuvenate your lips and mouth area. To schedule a consultation for injectable lip fillers, call the office in Modesto, California, today, or make an appointment online.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are a type of dermal filler designed to add fullness to thin lips. Lip fillers contain a medical-grade solution that your aesthetics professional at Ego injects into your lips to improve the volume and contour of your pout. Fillers can also smooth wrinkles to rejuvenate the skin around your mouth for a more youthful appearance.

The aesthetics professionals offer lip filler injections as a standalone procedure and in combination with additional injection treatments like facial fillers, Botox®, or Kybella® for stunning facial rejuvenation.

Are lip fillers right for me?

Lip filler injections can improve lips that appear thin due to age or genetics. They can also address:

  • Lipstick lines
  • Smile lines
  • Nasolabial lines

Your skilled professional at Ego may also recommend facial fillers designed to smooth wrinkles, plump hollow cheeks, and tighten sagging skin for maximum facial rejuvenation.

Lip fillers are made of modified hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that gives younger skin its volume and firmness. 

How do lip fillers work?


As you age, hyaluronic acid production declines, leaving your lips looking less full and shapely. Fillers add hyaluronic to your lips and mouth area, smoothing wrinkles and restoring the full pout of your younger years.

The experienced team at Ego recommends the FDA-approved JUVÉDERM line of fillers to enhance your lips. JUVÉDERM Volbella® provides impressive lip augmentation, while JUVÉDERM Vollure® smooths out lines around your mouth to create stunning results.

Do lip injections hurt?

Your expert at Ego uses only the finest of needles to perform your lip injections. Lip fillers contain an anesthetic to minimize discomfort, but you might feel a little burning or stinging during your injection procedure.

You might notice some mild redness or swelling around the injection site right after your treatment. This typically subsides in 24 hours or less.

How long will my results last?

How long your results last depends on the amount of filler used and the way your own body responds to the treatment. Most patients can expect their lip fillers to last up to one year.

If thin lips make you feel like you look older than your years, schedule a consultation for lip fillers with a qualified expert at Ego. Call the office today, or make an appointment online.




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