Priscilla Morris, MD, MBA

Aesthetics located in Modesto, CA & Lodi, CA

About. Dr. Morris

Dr. Priscilla Morris is a MD and has a MBD. She attended Tufts University for Medical School, completed her residency training at Harvard Medical School for anesthesiology, and went on to receive a MBA at the University of South Florida. She has a thirst for knowledge and a respect for education. It is no surprise that in her quest to perfect her skills in the aesthetic industry she has sought out and received very extensive training.

Dr. Morris has trained under the experienced eye of Dr. Rhoades, does amazing work, and to our delight has joined the Ego team! She is known for being able to attain complete correction and specializes in pan facial rejuvenation! You will not leave wanting as you will be provided with a more youthful and refreshed correction every time.